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Dreams Come True Foundation Limited
Application Requirements

1. About the Foundation

The Foundation was established in 2015 as a non-profit charity in Hong Kong by a group of people who have been committed to the pursuit of dreams and sustainable development at different levels. We help a small number of socially recognised people in Hong Kong who are in need, including the chronically ill and their carers, disadvantaged young people, low-income families, and others and encourage them to enjoy life with their families and friends. Through education, community partnership, and resource mobilization, we connect all sectors of the community and collaborate to realize the dreams of our beneficiaries. (free version)

2. Application details and points to note

i.   The applicant must be a member of a partner organization or recommended by the partner organization.

ii.  Applicants must fill in all information in the application form correctly and will not be considered if the information is incomplete.

iii. The application form must be countersigned by the referee.

iv. Basis of Approval:

a. The amount of the grant will be considered depending on the nature and feasibility of the applicant's wish.

b. Priority will be given to local applications.

c. The Committee will only fund the full amount of the grant and will not accept partial funding applications.

d. Only one application per person will be granted. Except for special circumstances, the maximum amount of grant for a project is normally not more than HK$20,000.

e. If the project involves a grant amount, the applicant may be required to provide an income statement.

f.  An application will not be approved if the project is covered by SWD or a government agency, or if the project is one for which the applicant may apply for assistance from SWD, other non-profit-making organizations, or foundations.

v.   Applications will be processed in accordance with the terms of the Cooperation Agreement signed.

vi.  Applicants must commit to and plan to give back to the community (e.g. writing and sharing articles, applying what they have learnt to serve others, promoting social projects, etc.) after the achievement of their dreams.

vii. Applicants must agree to the use of their background information and details of their dream project by Dreams Come True Foundation for appropriate marketing purposes.

3.   If an applicant is found to have made a false claim, we reserve the right to pursue the applicant and may require the applicant to repay the full amount spent on fulfilling the wish.

4.   Dreams Come True Foundation Committee has the final authority to approve "Dreams Come True Foundation Limited"

I have read the "Application Guidelines" and acknowledged the requirements of the application for the "Dream Come True Foundation". 

*Personal Information Collection Statement
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